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    Yoga Vaidya Śālā
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    Yoga Vaidya Śālā
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    Yoga Vaidya Śālā

Yoga Vaidya Śālā

Every Knowledge is fascinating.
One can exhaust the entire life span in trying to know about a leaf and end up highly unsuccessful ; not even a bit of mission completed.
Truly ,
Every knowledge system is like an uncharted dessert , unfathomable sea and untreaded forest. More you know, more you come to know that the known is but a fraction. But, knowledge is inevitable .Otherwise, normal life would be impossible. Sitting , standing , speaking , eating .... in short , all our life activities are nothing but learned knowledge only. Our feelings of desolate and happiness are but learned behaviour only.


All great things are simple. Yoga is also simple, indeed very simple. The complexities and intricacies with which yoga seem to be associated presently, is due to the whims and fancies of some misguided people. They have succeeded only in perplexing many.
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Health is the greatest wealth. Every one of us is unique, highly individualized. Unique, highly individualized at all levels. At all levels - Physical, Physiological, Psychological and Deeper. So one standard yoga practice for all – simply does not work. No ailment exists alone.
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Programs Dr.NC's Tour of 2019

  • ⇒ Mar 09 to Mar 21, 2019 - in Belgium
  • ⇒ Apr 20 to May 5, 2019 - in France
  • ⇒ Jul 10 to Jul 23, 2019 - in Canada
  • ⇒ Aug 05 to Aug 19, 2019 - in France
  • ⇒ Aug 21 to Aug 30, 2019 - in Belgium
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Books by Dr.NC

DR NC has authored a series of books on the practice of Yoga Therapy that are are set to become a standard reference for serious practitioners in the area.

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