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is intense, incessant, perfect action.

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First Four Yoga Sūtra-s

ISBN No.: 978-81-936677-0-5

First Four Yoga Sūtra-s

Brief about the book

Yet another commentary on Yoga Sūtra, but an entirely different one from every other texts available. For the first time in the history of yoga, the yoga Sūtra text is presented as it should be. Yoga is to be practiced, experienced and enjoyed. Every word of this book comes out from this experience.

Only the first four Sūtra-s are expanded in this book. For these four Sūtra-s comprehensively exhaust all about yoga. The remaining Sūtra-s only explain what the practitioner is anyway going to experience through practice.

Every word in the first four Sūtra-s is dealt with thoroughly as a separate chapter. The word meaning, the inferred meaning, contextual meaning, deeper connotations and the unifying features of every word to the entire text and more are explored in this book.

In a chain the beads are superficial, easily seen. But the thread (Sūtra) is not seen. But it binds all the beads and gives a completion, form and purpose. In the same way, in a Sūtra text, the words are readily seen, available to everyone to read, analyse and explain. But the uniting thread (Sūtra) is to be reached only through intense practice. This book unites all the concepts, principles and techniques of yoga in a simple and comprehensible way.

The study of Yoga Sūtra text is not complete unless the student is introduced to who is Patanjali, where (Chidambaram) and how (in the form of Natarāja) he SAW yoga and how he presented (darśana) his exposition. This present book amply discusses about all of them, sometimes in a poetic way.

I sincerely hope that this book serves as a prelude to the entire text. Once well grounded with the First Four Yoga Sūtra-s, as it is, the remaining portion of the text will prove to be a simple, highly practicable and an enjoyable one.