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is intense, incessant, perfect action.

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Principles and Practice of PRATIĀHĀRA

ISBN No.: 978-93-5526-502-9

Principles and Practice of PRATIĀHĀRA

Brief about the book

The limbs of Astānga Yoga are arranged in a natural sequence One limb guides the practitioners to the other so naturally Yama, Niyama, Āsana and Prānāyāma are the preparatory practices. They guide the practitioners to merge in Pratiāhāra

This Pratiāhāra guides the practitioners to undergo the unescapable U turn Which will help the practitioners to merge in Antaranga Sādana-s
Yoga is a Mano Sāstra - a discipline focused on the mind All the preparatory limbs are directed only on the Mind.
To See, to Understand and to deal with the Mind, There is one inevitable prerequisite - to merge with the Mind

This merging with the Mind is possible ONLY by the practices of Pratiāhāra Practitioners of Yoga should be well established in all the principles and practices of Pratiāhāra

This Books elaborately explains all the Principles of Pratiāhāra. Some of the Practical techniques of Pratiāhāra, that are mentioned in the classical texts are explained in this Book. This Book is an invaluable guide for all the ardent practitioners of Yoga to learn, to practice and to teach Pratiāhāra and to move beyond.