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Mantra Yoga - The union of Mantra and Yoga

ISBN No.: 978-81-923433-0-3
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Principles And Practice of YOGA THERAPY

The complete manual for Learning and Practicing Yoga Therapy

Book - 1

Yoga is very well known all over the world. Innumerable people are practicing yoga regularly and a large number of them are involved in teaching yoga to others also.

One of the important applications of yoga is for achieving the therapeutic benefits, to help the practitioner to alleviate the problem or diseases from which they suffer.

Every yoga teacher either intentionally or unintentionally, either willingly or unwillingly has to don the role of a yoga therapist while discharging his/her duty as a yoga teacher. Teaching yoga and teaching therapeutic application of yoga are entirely different.

This book deals exhaustively the difference between them and tells categorically that the first lesion in yoga therapy is ‘Do not teach Yoga’.

Every yoga therapist should be well grounded in yogic Anatomy, yogic physiology, yogic psychology and yogic deeper understanding of the human constitution. This book explains these fundamental nature of our constitution.

Moreover every yoga therapist should know the methodology of examination of all the joints, vertebrae, muscles, nerves, abdomen and pulse. This comprehensive examination is an inevitable prerequisite before application of yoga for therapeutic purposes. This book deals completely on every aspect of these essentials.

In addition, Yoga is endowed with innumerable Basic and Guiding principles that are to be incorporated during the therapeutic application of yoga. This book comprehensively explains every aspect of these principles.

This book is designed as a complete manual for learning and practicing Yoga Therapy and is planned to be written in SEVEN VOLUMES. The present book is the first one. Other volumes will follow in due course of time.