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Mantra Yoga - The union of Mantra and Yoga

ISBN No.: 978-81-936677-2-9

Principles And Practice of YOGA THERAPY

Therapeutic application of yoga for PHYSICAL AILMENTS (Śārīraka Cikitsa)

Book - 2

From this book-2, we are entering into the learning the methodology of application of yoga on individuals afflicted with ailments.

This present book deals with the principles and practice of therapeutic yoga for individuals affected with physical problems.

This book is written in two parts. The first part deals with all the principles that are involved in the application of yoga for its therapeutic purposes. These principles are responsible for the therapeutic efficacy of the yoga techniques applied. All yoga therapist should be exposed to these principles. They should reflect on them again and again and get completely convinced about them. Then only they are ready for application on others.

The second part of this book on the practice. Here the methodology of practice of the above said principles are explained.

Adequate exposure and appropriate understanding of the human anatomy and physiology is an important prerequisite for every yoga teacher. In the same way clarity on the essential pathology, as taught by the allopathic science, is mandatory for every yoga therapists. This book explains the alterations that happen in anatomy and physiology of the constitution (pathology) during physical illnesses.

Our outermost physical body is made up of seven dhātu-s (the tissues that constitute our physical body). They are the tissue fluids, blood, muscles, adipose tissue, bone, marrow, reproductive tissues. This book explains all these dhātu-s and deals with each dhātu and its commonly seen ailments separately. To illustrate these principles, certain case - studies are also included in the book.

This book is not an alternate to studying under an experienced teacher.