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Yoga and Pregnancy

ISBN No.: 978-93-5493-562-6

Yoga & Pregnancy

Brief about the book

Pregnancy and Child birth are natural physiological activities of all women during their child bearing age.

Nature is endowed with all the capabilities to carry out this functionality naturally Without any extraneous support, including Yoga.

But unfortunately, we have moved out of Nature for aeons So, Pregnancy and Childbirth need support nowadays!

This support should respect the Nature Should recognise the Natural Changes that happen during Pregnancy and Childbirth Yoga follows Nature verbatim All the principles of Yoga strictly adhere to Nature.

Yoga during Pregnancy and Childbirth should be designed based on the complete recognition of the Natural changes that happen during this period.

This book elaborately describes these changes into the following:
Three trimesters, Childbirth and postpartum stages
and explains the application of appropriate Yoga during each stage
A section is also devoted on some, who are not able to conceive Naturally.

This Book ‘Yoga and Pregnancy’ is an invaluable guide to all Yoga practitioners, Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists who teach pregnant women. It explains all the Principles that are involved in the application of Yoga during pregnancy. It also explains all the Practical Techniques that can be taught to the pregnant woman which will support the Natural Physiological Functionality, Pregnancy and Childbirth.