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ONE-TO-ONE sessions with Dr.NC.

ONE-TO-ONE sessions

with Dr.NC. (online)

  • You are welcome to have your ‘ONE-TO-ONE sessions with Dr.NC, online.
    You can use this session for:
    1. Getting Personal practical course from Dr.NC
    2. Getting Personal therapeutic course from Dr.NC
    3.Guidance from Dr.NC regarding your student’s therapeutic courses
    4. Discussing yoga texts
    5. Deeper yogic practices
    ⇒ Click here to Download Course Brochure

  • Consultation fee: 65€ / session
    PayPal email id: siddharthan1007@gmail.com
    Link: https://www.paypal.me/yogavaidyasala

  • Please fix your date and timings according to your convenience. Please register and get your confirmation from us. For our administrative purposes, we would like everyone to fill the Registration Form and send it to us. After receiving the form, we will be able to confirm the date and time of our consultation/ one to one classes.

    Registration Form
    • 1. Name
    • 2. Country of residence
    • 3. Preferable Date / Time
      (please mention both your time and the corresponding Indian time)
    • 4. Purpose
      ( those who are practicing individual course can send their course)
    • 5. Good description of the ailments, present and past.
    • 6. What exactly is aimed at through personal practice.
    • 7. Those who want to get guidance regarding their students‘ therapeutic course, please send a good description about them (maximum 3 in one session).
    • 8. Receipt copy of the consultation fee.