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is intense, incessant, perfect action.

Programs by Dr.Nc.


In India

  • Dec 09 to Dec 20, 2019 (Two weeks)
    Yoga for special needs
    A specially designed program by Dr NC to provide therapeutic application of for special needs. Open to yoga teachers from all traditions.

  • January 6th to 24th, 2020 (Three weeks)
    Yoga therapist training program - Modules 3 & 4

  • Jan 27 to Feb 7, 2020 (Two weeks)
    Vinyasa - Refresher in Asana and Pranayama
    Learn and relearn all the scientific principles behind the practice of Yoga in the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya. Open to Yoga teachers of all traditions.

  • Feb 10 to Feb 14, 2020 (One week)
    Yoga Rahasya
    Secrets of Yoga in therapeutic application

  • Feb 17 to Feb 21, 2020 (One week)
    Yoga Sutra
    A unique look into the classical yoga text, and its application to moulding your life