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Give what is inside you..



Giving what is appropriate is Viniyoga
By an appropriate person,
to an appropriate individual,
at an appropriate time,
in an appropriate manner.

It is not casual or routine.
Not by anybody to everybody.
Not anything and everything
It is unique, highly individualized and very specific.

You can only give what is inside you
This is the first lesson in Viniyoga.
Give what is inside you
Not what you have seen or heard
Not what you have read or collected.
It has no relevance. It is not appropriate
It is living in memory. Living death
Internalize everything and then give appropriately
Internalize everything and then give appropriately
This is Viniyoga. This is life.

How to internalize?
Collect all possible information
From every direction, from every source
Hold them as much as possible
Reflect on them again and again
Every time you reflect you get new insight,
Put them into your life, practice all the time
Verify every now and then
You get the experience
This practicing, experiencing and living is internalization
Now you are fit to give from your INSIDE

The next lesson is “give what is inside you”
But not as it applies to you.

This is the biggest hurdle in Viniyoga
Many people study, practice, get experience and
Teach the same to all other people.
They get very good results for themselves and they want the same to every other person.
“Let the entire world get benefit, as I got benefitted.
Let me share with the world my lots”
A noble thought indeed; but the reality is different.
It is SUPERIMPOSITION. It is not reality.
You can never be a referral point for any other individual.
No two individuals are alike.
Even one individual is not the same all the time.
Everyone is changing, everything around is also changing all the time.
So no one is the standard for the other.
So do not give “as it applies to you”. Then how to give?

Give as it applies to the other
This the biggest challenge for the teacher.
For he has to be very clear about what is applicable to the other.
He should have examined the student’s constitution thoroughly at all levels.
He should have clear idea about his dietary habits,
He should have completely studied his life-style and working conditions.
He should have verified his strengths, intentions and expectations.
Only them he will know about “what applies to him”.
Definitely a difficult task; definitely a challenging task.
It is also time consuming and not an economical proposition.
But definitely every individual deserves this.
Any lesser task is definitely belittling of the teacher, student and Yoga.

Viniyoga expects a lot of responsibility,
Because it provides immense opportunity.
For both the student and the teacher,
Because in the process, they grow together.
Viniyoga insists the teacher
to have complete practical wisdom of what he teaches
Viniyoga expects the teacher to silently reflect-never to judge
Viniyoga demands the teacher
to have complete mastery over his sense and mind.
VIniyoga also prescribes certain qualities while teaching
Teach with total involvement, full commitment and with positive outlook.
Do not teach if any of these qualities are missing
It is a waste of time for both the teacher and the student
Teach with the best of your ability
A teacher’s mission is completed
Only when he finds an able student to carry on his teaching or in other words,
The student helps the teacher to complete his mission, his life
So, teach your student with all respect and humbleness
In fact, the teacher’s learning is measured by this humility.
Viniyoga also suggests certain qualities for the student also;
Practice regularly, without interruption, with eagerness
Practice with positive attitude
Practice with the attitude of serving your teacher
Practice detachment towards anything that is not conducive to the goal.

Teachers and students!
Do not allow your practical wisdom to stagnate and die
More you spread, more it springs inside you
It is not yours; it comes to you through eternity
Happy are the birds that are free
Let thousands of lamps receive their lights from you
Let thousands of people get new lives from you
Let the mighty river of Viniyoga flow forever and ever.