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Training Course

Training Course

Year 2024

Yoga Teacher Training Course

  • Course: Yoga Teacher Training Course (Chennai)
    Applications are invited from eligible students for the Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training Course.

    ⇒ Graduate from any recognised university.
    ⇒ Interest in learning, practicing and teaching Yoga.

    Course: This course aims at the following:
    • Succinct introduction to our ‘Indian Vidyā System’, which is the Ultimate Source of Yoga
    • Principles of Āsana practices
    • Practical training in selected Āsana techniques
    • Vinyāsa in Āsana practice (intelligent placement of Āsana techniques)
    • Basic introduction to Āyur Veda principles
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology based on western Medical Science (as required for every Yoga Teacher)
    • Principles of practice of Prānāyāma
    • Practical training of selected Pranayama techniques
    • Vinyāsa in Prānāyāma practices
    • An exposure to the Internal practices (Antaranga Sādhana) in Yoga
    • An introduction to Vedic Chanting

    Yoga Vaidya Śāla welcomes all the students who are desirous in imbibing the higher nuances of Yoga and are committed to spread this Indian Vidyā System to our future generations in the Tradition of Patanjali, Śrī. Krishnamāchārya and Śrī. Desikachar.

    Venue: Dr. NC’s Yoga Vaidya Śāla,
    No.23/5, Canal Bank Road,
    R.A.Puram, Chennai - 600028,
    TamilNadu, India.
    For more information please Contact
    Phone: +91 81245 02999
    Email: drncyvs@gmail.com

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