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is intense, incessant, perfect action.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

  • No ailment exists alone.
  • It always inhabitants individuals.
  • The name of the ailment may be the same. But the individuals afflicted are different.
  • So one prescription-like yoga practice for any ailment, simply does not work.
  • Disease oriented yoga approach is not an objective reality.
  • Individualized orientation is all that is required.
  • Health is the greatest wealth.
  • The health should be comprehensive one.
  • It should be perfect at all levels – Physical, Physiological, psychological and Deeper. 
  • Every one of us is unique, highly individualized.
  • Unique, highly individualized at all levels.
  • Yoga Vaidya Śālā recognizes and respects the individuality in every individual.
  • And applies yoga therapy appropriately, the Viniyoga way.
Yoga Vaidya Śālā Therapist Training Program

Yoga Vaidya Śālā offers an unique Yoga therapist training program. It is an advanced course for all Yoga teachers from every tradition of Yoga. This course is an imperative adjuvant for all health professionals like Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Unani, Chinese, Siddha Physicians, Physio-therapists, Nurses, Massage therapists, Chiropractics, Occupational therapists, Psycho therapists, Acupuncture and Acupressure therapists and others. It transforms all their healing endeavors into an individual specific and most comprehensive and wholesome one.

This course, for the first time in the history of yoga, presents Yoga therapy as it should be. It elaborately deals with yogic anatomy, Yogic physiology, Yogic psychology, pathology according to modern science, Yogic methodology of examination and diagnosis, Yogic tools and its principles of application and so on.

Yoga therapy is a practical science and therefore the teaching methodology of this course is also entirely practice oriented and exactly following that of a medical college.

Yoga Vaidya Śālā invites all ardent and sincere seekers to delve deep into every facets of Yoga therapy directly under the guidance of Dr.N.Chandrasekaran, M.B.B.S., Viniyoga therapist Training Program is conducted in six modules, two modules in a year and session spanning for 3 weeks. This course is currently being conducted twice a year in France, London and Belgium, once every two years in Canada and every January in India.